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Hi! We're the Burlesque Collective. We were founded in 2015 as a not-for-profit incorporated society designed to increase performance opportunities for burlesque and variety artists.

We're a Christchurch based incorporated society dedicated to providing performance opportunities for burlesque and variety artists from all regions.  We take pride in an ethos grounded in raising awareness of, and promoting burlesque as, a genre of entertainment, body positivity, expression, self-confidence and empowerment.

Our Members

Our wee labour of love takes a lot of work, so we wouldn't get very far without our members. These are the humans who work tirelessly to produce shows and facilitate learning opportunities and community events for the vibrant burlesque scene here in Christchurch:

Sapphire Matizze ( Facilitator )

Heaven Z'dor ( Secretary )

Velvet la Rouge ( Treasurer )

Miss Diamond Delish

Adora Bubble

Aurora Storm

Pippi McMeow

Sapphire Matizze

Renowned for her ocd-inspired costuming, and her purposeful and dramatic movement style, it’s no surprise this grande dame has Grand Tease Most Innovative, Most Creative, Most Dramatic and Best Costume awards. Whether hamming it up as one half of dapper duo Sapphire Matizze and Steel, or keeping it real as her solo self, she’s always the Artisan of Intrigue, Sapphire Matizze.

Heaven Z'dor Jan22_Erik Norder 4 (1).jpg

Heaven Z'dor
To tease or to terrify?.. that is the question. Heaven Z’dor is beauty, and she’s grace.. but she could also bite your face. This Celestial siren has a side serving of cyanide - so while her name may imply she is angelic, that’s not necessarily what you’re going to get! Awarded Second Runner Up “Miss Burlesque Aotearoa” 2022/2023; Runner up at “Burlesque Rumble” 2020, Baroness (Runner Up) of “Like a Fine Wine” 2020/2021, and Runner Up in online lockdown competition “Quaran-Tease” 2020, she has gathered accolades over the years for surprise and innovation. Ranging from regal to ridiculous, she enjoys busting out the bizarre and keeping you guessing. Sometimes nice, but often nasty - all is not what it seems at this fancy party!

Velvet la Rouge

Like all good vintages, Velvet la Rouge has . . . been around.  A bold red, she's smooth and sassy.  Sexy curves and a bit of naughty sparkle more than make up for a little . . . ripening on the vine of life.  Matured and classy, she's Velvet by name, and sometimes by nature . . . elegant and enigmatic, with a hint of sweetness - but you just never know what you might find after the first taste.


Miss Diamond Delish

The yummy mummy of burlesque has been sparkling up the stage since 2016.  She brings the tuff, ruff and sparkling glam to her performances.  Miss Delish will dance around you, enticing you to dive into the goodness of her brightly shining diamond.  She likes to shake her booty and move her hips.  This diamond is tough and surrounded by a sparkling glow.

Adora Bubble

Adora Bubble is sugar, spice and usually nice.  But now she wants to be bad. She's just a small town girl living in Christchurch who has danced ballroom (a little), hip hop (badly), Latin (quite well actually) and then discovered her dark side at Burlesque Otautahi with Aurora.  She was part of the Belles of Boa who won first place at Bling It On 2022.  She has charm, she has grace, she'll put a smile on your face.  She's so cute, She's Adora Bubble!

Headshot - Aurora Storm EN.jpg

Aurora Storm

Labeled a “Neo Burlesque Icon” but equally at home performing Classic Burlesque, Aurora Storm is the perfect balance of sweet and savage. She's fierce yet adorable, and although Aurora is sugar and spice and everything nice, Storm would happily trade her mother for a nice piece of haloumi cheese.

Pippi McMeow

Pippi McMeow popped her cherry at Drag it Up 2021 where she took out
Runner Up, returning in 2023 to grab Runner Up and Best Use of Props.
She's a strong kitty with the heart of a pussycat. She's got a tail to tell and she'll leave you purring for more.

Headshot - Pippi McMeow.jpg
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